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A major presentation on Renewable Energy Business Opportunities in ASEAN
9 November, 2012: 10.30-11.30 at RE India

In keeping with RE advancement in ASEAN countries, UBM Asia (Thailand) is proud to announce a special 45 minute presentation to be made by Prof. Dr Christoph Menke entitled, “Business Opportunities in ASEAN Renewable Energy”.

Professor Menke has held leading positions at the World Bank, TATA Energy Research Institute, JGSEE and other prestigious international institutes. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the RE sector throughout the region. The presentation is being sponsored by Renewable Energy India 2012 and Renewable Energy E Asia 2013 and will be held at Prithvi Hall (Ground floor of RE India exhibition) on November 9.

Natural resources hold the key

The 19th century was the century of coal, and oil took the lead in the 20th century, unfortunately producing excessive amounts of the major climate-altering greenhouse gas – CO2. Environmental change has been the result with the planet’s temperature climbing steadily. But science is now in the process of harnessing natural renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal with surprising results. The value of electricity from a wind turbine on one acre of land for example is around $300,000. And many other elements present viable and profitable alternatives… and exceptional business opportunities.

The ASEAN region is fortunate to have abundant natural resources that are enabling it to make great strides towards efficient use of alternative energy. The region accounted for 19% of the world’s total energy needs in 2005 and is projected to have an 18% share by 2030.

ASEAN to contribute 25% to world GDP by 2050

As one of the fastest growing regions on the planet ASEAN will have a population of 600 million by 2015 and GDP will be around 3 trillion US dollars. To date the ASEAN community has attracted over 7 trillion US dollars worth of foreign direct investment and is expected to expand by 400% by 2050.

As a result, business opportunities are better than ever and Professor Menke will cover the best of them in this unique presentation that will run in conjunction with Renewable Energy India. Seating, however, is limited so don’t delay. Make your reservation today.

Business Opportunities in ASEAN Renewable Energy” Presentation
        10.15-10.30 Registration
        10.30-11.15 Presentation
        11.15- 11.30 Q &A


As the region’s premier exhibition on Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology the popular Bangkok show is now considered the leading event of its kind in the region. You will see and meet with exhibitors of solar energy, wind, bio-fuels, clean coal and other fast-growing technologies. Business and networking opportunities are as good as they get.
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