As the saying goes all that glitters is not gold. And as South East Asian economies boom, that saying has a disturbing ring to it.

Recently India suffered a calamitous power breakdown as energy supplies failed and 700 million people were suddenly without electricity - the world’s worst blackout! India’s demand for power has soared along with its economy, but the strain on electrical grids was just unsustainable.

Regional Implications

The massive Indian blackout serves as a wake-up call for investors, businesses and governments in the region to look closer at their electrical infrastructure and identify measures to prevent such a catastrophe happening in their nation.

Many Asian cities are lagging behind in infrastructure, a situation that is out of step with the region’s growing affluence where millions escape poverty only to return to third-world conditions when disaster strikes.

Dr. Kurujit Nakornthap, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Energy Ministry in Thailand, cautioned planners to pay close attention to energy development in Myanmar. This is because almost 70% of the fuel used in Thai power generation comes from newly liberated Myanmar where only 25% of the population has access to electricity. “And as Myanmar’s growth increases, that figure may drop further,” he said. “So Thailand must be prepared to protect itself with alternative energy sources.”

Like Thailand, most ASEAN countries want to reduce their reliance on natural gas, imported crude and other fossil fuels,and increase the use of renewable energy. Last year, the value of energy consumption in Thailand was around 1.9 trillion baht, or 17-19% of gross domestic product (GDP). More than half of the value was from imported fuels.

Renewable Energy Asia is one of the most important shows of the year – an event that is now more significant than ever. This is because the dynamic growth in the region demands reliable sources of power. Renewable Energy is designed to provide solutions by recognizing that we have limited reserves of fossil fuel but ample renewable sources in the form of wind, solar, hydro and biofuels.

At RE Asia 2013 you’ll be able to meet with technicians, engineers and government officers who are involved with this technology and actively engaged in perfecting and operating such systems.

Co-located with Entech Pollutec Asia and Pumps & Valves Asia, Renewable Energy Asia 2013 is the region’s premier exhibition of renewable and environmental technology. It provides real and practical answers to the urgent problem of low-cost reliable power for long-term ASEAN growth and development.

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